Dark Menace Productions


Dark Menace Productions is a company that introduces, develops, and markets creative intellectual properties and franchises. We also partner with other companies to further develop these properties to mutual benefit. Management decides on the best way to develop our creative concepts through relationships with strategic alliances for funding and distribution.

Creative properties developed by Dark Menace Productions can be developed through various mediums such as live action and animation feature films, television, DVDs, and wireless, in addition to action figures, cell phone applications, and video games.

Dark Menace Productions has an established track record of success with our creative concepts. We have produced two games that have been on the market for over ten years: Champions of the Galaxy and a licensed game, Legends of Wrestling Card Game. Both games are offered as tabletop games and online game simulations.

We have also produced a dynamic new line of gift calendars called Countdown to the Big Day featuring Countdown to our Wedding Day and Countdown to Baby's Due Date. These calendars can be used for wall or desk display and are sold online and in stores.

Releases in 2010 included Stan Lee's Election Daze, Kris Osk's Flesh and Blood, and Part 1 of Tom Filsinger's 3-part saga, Champions of the Galaxy. Coming in 2014 will be Ken LeSure's sci-fi techno thriller Cold Feat and Tom Filsinger's road memoir Shadows on the Road

Dark Menace Productions was founded by Tom Filsinger, who is a successful creator, writer, and entrepreneur.