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Champions of the Galaxy, from Filsinger Games

For the online store, visit www.filsingergames.com

Dark Menace Productions (via Filsinger Games) owns a unique and dynamic game called Champions of the Galaxy. The game has been on the market since 1987 and has spawned a loyal fan following.

Champions of the Galaxy is currently available as a tabletop cards and dice game and as an online computer simulation. Each year at least one new game expansion is released with new characters and new stories.

Champions of the Galaxy is a creative concept with many possible applications, such as comic books, action figures, cartoons, iPhone, movies, and more.

The game features over 200 colorful characters and many exciting storylines. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, a master of superhero adventure, has said, "Champions of the Galaxy is a really cool idea."

Dark Menace Productions is looking to expand and grow the Champions of the Galaxy property through licensing and strategic partnerships.

Dark Menace Productions also offers an officially licensed game called Legends of Wrestling Card Game. This game features over 150 wrestlers, many of them are all-time legends such as Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Andre the Giant, Rob Van Dam, Ted DiBiase, Gorgeous George, and the Road Warriors.

Legends of Wrestling Card Game is available as a tabletop cards and dice game and as an online computer simulation.

DM-Books & e-Books

Election Daze by Stan Lee, from Filsinger Publishing

Leave it to Dark Menace Productions to come up with a cool way to package an e-book! We call them DM-Books (trademark of Dark Menace Productions) and DM stands for "Digital Multimedia" and also rather conveniently stands for "Dark Menace!"

We utilize the format of DM-Books to showcase our most exciting creative concepts. Each DM-Book is not only an awesome story in e-book form but also includes bonus features depending on the book, such as a printable game (Champions of the Galaxy e-book) and fan contest winning jokes (Stan Lee's Election Daze). They're "e-books plus" so watch for more creative DM-Books in the weeks and months ahead!

In 2014 we are releasing two new e-books, Shadows on the Road by Tom Filsinger and Cold Feat by Ken LeSure.


Countdown to Our Wedding Day, from Filsinger Publishing

For the online store, visit www.filsingerpublishing.com

Dark Menace Productions (via Filsinger Publishing) owns the rights to a unique gift concept called Countdown to the Big Day.

Countdown to the Big Day calendars are wall or desk calendars that count down the days to a major life event like a wedding or baby's due date. Each day of the "countdown" features a humorous cartoon, helpful information, and a place for keepsake notes.

So far two calendars have been produced and sold on the market:

Countdown to Our Wedding Day and Countdown to Baby's Due Date. A whole line of calendars is possible with titles like "Countdown to Graduation" and "Countdown to Moving Day" among others.

In addition to the wall or desk calendars it is also possible to market this creative concept in other ways for iPhone or as a PC application.

Dark Menace Productions is looking for strategic partnerships to expand this exciting and potentially very lucrative gift line!

For more information about Countdown to the Big Day calendars go to the official Website for Filsinger Publishing.