Dark Menace Productions

Election Daze

by Stan Lee

Here's Stan Lee 's classic laugh-fest "Election Daze," a book which lampoons historic election year 2008!

The original version of "Election Daze" was as a print book which sold over 10,000 copies and featured photos of political "super heroes" like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, John McCain, as well as guest appearances by George Clooney and Stephen Colbert!

Stan Lee wrote hilarious captions to accompany the photos making "Election Daze" the perfect souvenir for our political times from a Master of the spoken word!

The e-book version of "Election Daze" includes the classic 2008 print version by Stan Lee but also new BONUS material featuring 24 pages of fan contest winning jokes to accompany photos of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton! You'll be laughing like crazy which is what we all need to cope with midterm 2010 elections!

Comedian Dennis Miller said: "Election Daze" is an absolute hoot! There's a lot of Mad Magazine-type humor in it. Absolutely hysterical!"

You'll get the e-book including bonus material for only $4.95!

Check out a couple sample Stan Lee jokes below and then hurry and order!

A sample from Stan Lee's 'Election Daze' featuring Barack Obama.
A sample from Stan Lee's 'Election Daze' featuring John McCain.