Dark Menace Productions

Champions of the Galaxy

Part 1: Battle for Cetus

by Tom Filsinger

The year is 2186 and the planet Cetus has been attacked without warning by the invading armies of CTA-102 led by General Krakan and Earth's own time traveling military genius Ghengis Khan.

Krakan's army includes giant robot fighters called AdaBots as well as chemical warfare agents called Sentries. The destruction of Cetus seems inevitable.

But Cetan leaders make a monumental decision to implement a bold but dangerous experiment called "Project: Champions" to scientifically create cosmic-powered beings.

With Cetus in flames brave warriors step forward to volunteer for "Project: Champions." But will the experiment work? And even if it works will it be enough to stop the invading armies of CTA- 102?

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The Champions of the Galaxy e-book novel has been adapted as a movie screenplay. There are no plans to publish parts 2 and 3 of the e-book until further progress in this potentially exciting area.

An excerpt from
Champions of the Galaxy – Part 1: Battle for Cetus

Buildings and homes in fiery blazes. Corpses littering the countryside. Smoke rising from multiple sources due to laser inflicted damage.

This is what Omega sees as he watches images of the ongoing planetary war. He is surrounded by walls of computer images relaying live updates on several battle fronts. The top military brass on Cetus watches with him at this hasty gathering.

Omega is sick to his stomach.

He shouts. “Turn them all off.”

Commander Sam looks at Omega with an expression both perplexed and angry. Omega repeats himself.

“I said turn them off!”

Sam points to a menu on the wall and as a result the images on the walls and the images floating in mid-air flicker and fade away. Lights in the room automatically go on.

Omega slouches in a chair, planting his right fist under his chin and his elbow on the side of the chair. The heat of the light exaggerates the lines on his face, signs of his advancing years.

Omega’s long dark hair is slicked back in a ponytail. His loose and colorful garb is in stark contrast with the somber mood pervading the room.

Commander Sam speaks up.

“How could they possibly have gone undetected by our radar and digital defense systems? Those ships are huge.”

There is no reply to Sam’s exclamation of frustration.

Commander Sam nervously paces around the room, then exchanges glances with the three other men. He carefully avoids eye contact with Omega and speaks to no one in particular.

“Are we just going to sit here and watch while this planet burns?”

Omega turns to Commander Sam. “We need a new plan.”

“Plan? We have no plan! All we know is we’ve been attacked without warning by war mongers from CTA-102. They’re probably being led by that lunatic General Krakan. After that we know nothing! We don’t have the luxury of coming up with a ‘plan!’ We need to defend! We need to do it with everything we’ve got.”

Commander Sam’s voice and demeanor reach a fever pitch, for he is a man of action.

Sam is a classic military man in build and demeanor. He is a middle-aged man from Earth, prematurely balding with ashen white hair. He picked the name Sam because he bears a resemblance to the famed Uncle Sam in American folklore, except that Commander Sam is not as old, doesn’t have a beard, and has a large muscular frame.

“It’s not enough.”

Omega’s words are not lost on Commander Sam. He turns towards Omega then walks in his direction. He stares down at Omega who is still seated.

“It’s got to be enough. It’s either that or just lay down and accept defeat.”

Omega stands up and looks Commander Sam straight in the eyes.

“Wake up Sam! You’ve seen it out there. Our side is getting destroyed. There’s no hope for our cause and just sending more people to die won’t change anything.”

“And so your answer is to crawl to their leader, General Krakan, and just say, “Here, we know we can’t win. You can have our planet.”

Commander Sam’s sarcasm is not lost on Omega. Omega’s voice rises and he faces Sam.

“Shut up, Sam! You know me better than that.”

Omega walks toward the only window in the room. Even from this vantage point there are scenes of the destruction of war in the distance---lights flashing, ships flying, laser beams piercing the night sky. Omega speaks again.

“We don’t have much time, maybe a couple days---and that’s stretching it---before the war is lost. But that’s still enough time to implement Project Champions if we hurry.”

When Commander Sam hears these words from Omega he is incredulous. He takes a deep breath and then speaks.


His voice trails off and the code name ends in a whisper. Another military man speaks.

“Is it possible? Is Project Champions even ready to be implemented?”

Omega takes the initiative.

“Our top scientists have been working with me for years. We’re closer than anyone thinks. It’d be very dangerous; we’d be implementing it before we’re ready; before taking the precautions and safeguards we usually take. But what are our choices? We can’t win a conventional war against Krakan, that’s already obvious. They have the element of surprise and every tactical advantage.”

His voice rises.

“We’ve got to take the risk.”

Everyone stares at Omega. No one disagrees.

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